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Matra MS630
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Description / Options Matra Sport was created in 1964 by the famous eponymous French company, who was in the army industry, specialised in Aircrafts rockets and engineering. The idea was to promote Matra’s name all around the world using motorsport as support. Jean Luc Largadère who was in charge of the program decided to build and race at the same time Formula cars and Sport Prototypes powered with V12 engines, just as Ferrari did then. These were the seeds for one of the most fabulous odyssey in Motorsport as Matra managed to win the F1 championship in 1969 and three times le Mans between 1972 and 1974. The MS630 was an important step in Matra’s history, originally fitted with the 2 liter BRM engine it was actually designed to receive the V12 engine. However due to delays in the engine development it was decided to build an “interim” car in the end of 1967 with a GT40 4,7 Liter power plant. This was a superbly handling and very quick car, Beltoise who was the star driver of the team at the time was very elogious. Both Pescarolo and Servoz Gavin drove the MS630 -Ford in race and were very quick compared to the JWA GT40s and Porsche Protoypes. At Monthlery in 1967 the MS630 was even quicker in race. At Le Mans 1968 the pair Servoz/Pescarolo was about to win the race with the MS630 V12 but retired after a tyre explosion. Among the four cars build in period, one was destroyed, one still belongs to Matra and two are privately owned and not raced or shown.

This wonderful “one off” car was built upon original drawings by ex. Matra people with authorisation from Matra. Accordingly it received a Matra chassis number and chassis plate. As the original Matra-Ford chassis 02 was later converted with Matra V12 engine then no more Matra - Ford were existing. Lagardère Group ( ownr of Matra brand ) then decided in 2007 to authorize the building from the missing link between the MS620 and 650, so the legendary line of Matra Prototypes is now complete
Chassis 05 has been very nicely and faithfully built to the blue prints, the very modern car’s design weighting only 820kg and fitted with a high performance GT40 powerplant immediately shown an important potential. After a few testing and the obtention of the FIA HTP it was entered in 2013 into the Master Series at the Barcelone ( 2.05sec ) and Dijon (1.30sec ) rounds, it shown its speed lapping quicker than GT40s for instance for its first two outings. This wonderful MS 630 is a unique opportunity to acquire a fabulously quick and easy to maintain authentic Matra Sport Prototype. The Matra cars are uncommon and would be welcome in any major events.
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Seller name ART & REVS
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Country Luxembourg
City / State 1274 Howald
Web http://www.artandrevs.com
Mail contact@artandrevs.com
Phone + 352 661 700 777